Let’s play Gay, Straight or British!

I know how much everyone loves playing games. This one originated with a recent Newsweek article that posited that out gay actors can’t convincingly play straight roles (excepting Neil Patrick Harris and Portia de Rossi, who he dismisses with a bit of handwaving).

The article is the kind of lighter fluid that the balsa-like Internet just waits for so it can be set flaming. So to speak. Many people objected to the theory, some calling it homophobic and others calling for a boycott. (Full disclosure: The writer of the piece is gay.) I was struck by two fascinating things when I read the article: 1) Sean Hayes just came out last month (WTRicky Martin?!?); and 2) if Sean Hayes coming out threw me, am I up-to-date on all the celebrities who are gay?

That’s why I put together this little quiz. Gay, Straight or British tests everyone’s knowledge about the personal background of some well-known actors. Take it yourself. Answers are after the jump.

Think you know who’s gay, straight or British? Find out if you’re right after the jump.


1. Gay. Lynde is a gay icon known for his snarky double entendres as the center square on Hollywood Squares, as well as Uncle Arthur on Bewitched.

2. British.

3. British. That explains those skintight black tees and his pop-star past.

4. Straight. Sure, you’re thinking he’s gay because of the Speedo and all that Broadway singing and dancing. But that just makes him Australian, not gay.

5. Gay. Oh, I’m not talking about the actors — David Hyde Pierce and Kelsey Grammer, respectively. (Full disclosure: David Hyde Pierce is gay.) I’m talking about the characters. Frasier was one of the finest gay shows to ever air on network television. Its only questionable move: not actually admitting that the characters were gay.

6. You really have to ask? If so, you don’t deserve to read this blog. I let you slide on Paul Lynde, but this is inexcusable.

7. I’ll get back to you.

8. British and gay, which actually makes McKellen straight. That’s why we can believe he’s such a hetero badass as Magneto and Gandalf. I know, it makes no sense, but you can’t dispute science.

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