Taking over the world (and your attention span) one site at a time

Over the weekend–in between fits of anger directed at demented fathers who get sexual gratification from belittling teenage boys–I “rediscovered” my Tumblr account (there’s a feed from it on the right-hand rail) and decided to consolidate and reorganize my web presence on the various sites and networks I play around on.

My WordPress blog will continue to feature longer written pieces and graphics-heavy entries. My Tumblr site will be for quick-hit posts, as well as streaming a feed from my WordPress blog and Twitter. And of course, Twitter is where you’ll find me shouting obscenities and craziness like some English-speaking pteradactyl you’d find panhandling for change on the corner.

If you’re like a lot of recovering phencyclidine addicts, you can’t get enough of my writing. If that’s the case, head over to Milwaukee Moms where I’ve got a couple recent articles up on the site with more to come.

Finally, in case you haven’t been in this neck of the woods for a while, here’s a look at some of the things you’ve been missing:

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