Weekend jukebox: Happy birthday, synthetic life form! Listen to this!

A weekend without music is like beer without alcohol. That’s why I’m taking a cue from former MKE editorial assistant Adam Lovinus who used to keep the office filled with wicked beats thanks to a computer andYouTube. Sadly, I don’t have Adam’s skills, but I do have a computer and access to YouTube. So allow me to kick off this weekend right.

This week, in honor of the creation of the first synthetic life form and Pac-Man turning 30, I’ve put together this collection of science and geek songs. Here are the rules: no parodies, no themes, no songs that suck (that means you, The Touch).

My playlist designed for your aural enjoyment is after the jump.

WEEKEND JUKEBOX Science and geek songs

Life on Mars? David Bowie

Bird Dream of the Olympus Mons, Pixies

Mammal, They Might Be Giants

In the Garage, Weezer

Four-Color Love Story, The Metasciences

Ramble On, Led Zeppelin

She Blinded Me With Science, Thomas Dolby

Major Tom (Coming Home), Peter Schilling

Shame On A Nigga, Wu-Tang Clan

The Robots, Kraftwerk

Popcorn, Gershon Kingsley

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