Who is Joe Vince?

Joe was born in Detroit, but he’s moved around too much that he doesn’t have an actual hometown. And since he’s not a drunk, he can’t be a citizen of the world. Currently, he resides outside Milwaukee, searching for his next dream job after his previous job disappeared after MKE closed its doors. Until that opportunity arises, he’s content with flexing his writing muscles.

One thought on “Who is Joe Vince?

  1. Joe, I’m glad to read your ramblings. Nice to see that you’re not sitting around in your underwear eating Spaghettios out of the can. Well, maybe you still are, but you hide it well. Hey, I listed your blog in my blog list. Want to do the same for mine? It’s still called Artsy Schmartsy and it’s at http://www.artsyschmartsy.com/.

    Later. Hope all is well.

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